​​Steps Together

​We are a small Nonprofit Organization with a mission to provide underprivileged communities with the necessary materials in order for all people to receive an education they deserve. By doing this we hope to provide a stepping stone for these people to help them build self confidence to live a self-sustaining life.

School Supplies Donation

Chong Kneas Primary School

On November 7, 2016, we were able to deliver school supplies to Chong Kneas Primary School. This school has about 500 students and 10 classrooms. A majority of the time the students don't have supplies to take notes or complete workbooks, which can effect educational growth. The teachers do the best they can to provide a positive atmosphere but it is also hard when they don't always have chalk for their chalkboards or books to teach from. Creating a comfortable environment is extremely important in order for the students to succeed. While at school the children don't always have access to clean water, which is another factor that can effect their learning. Because we had received such positive feedback on our GoFundMe page, we had a lot of extra money left over from our first project and donations were still coming through. 

Once again with the help of Adam, he took us to a local market to purchase these supplies. For this project, we used 500 US dollars, and bought pens, pencils, chalk, notebooks, whiteboards and markers, pencil sharpeners, erasers, three water filters, and of course some rubber balls for the kids to have fun with. After loading up one tuk tuk full of supplies, Adam took our team to the school. First we met the school leader, who was beyond grateful and ecstatic to meet us. We talked about what we brought and how we were going to hand out the supplies. We walked around to each classroom with the leader, and he would translate to the students about who we were and what we were doing. These students had this look of pure joy on their faces when we gave them the gifts, and their smiles were contagious. Our goal was to provide these students with the materials they needed, but we left them with so much more than just that. Giving them that sense of hope that there are people out there that care about their well being as well as their education was the ultimate gift. We left that day with our hearts full and everyone thanked us on the way out, "Akun." 

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