​​Steps Together

​We are a small Nonprofit Organization with a mission to provide underprivileged communities with the necessary materials in order for all people to receive an education they deserve. By doing this we hope to provide a stepping stone for these people to help them build self confidence to live a self-sustaining life.

School Supplies Donation 

Trang Village 

  On November 18, 2016 we took a trip out to a small local school in Trang Village right outside of Siem Reap. We were lucky enough to be shown this school by Anthony Ellis, the owner of the hostel we stayed out while we were in Siem Reap. Anthony introduced us to the school leader a few days before we purchased the supplies to get a better understanding of what the school is really in need of. Walking into the "school"was an eye opener; it was hardly even a building. It was a shack without proper siding and it had some benches that were supposed to support 100 students. When we met with the village leader, he told us that the school is run by three tuk tuk drivers, who teach the students in their free time, which is usually a few hours in the evening. Our hearts melted at the fact that these drivers care this much about childrens' education. One thing we've learned about Cambodia so far, is that surprisingly a lot of people speak English here. The economy is mostly supported by tourism, and if you're a tuk tuk driver that can communicate well with the tourists, you're more likely to make more money. We were so proud to hear that they were sharing their knowlege of the English language with these deserving students, so we decided to help provide them with proper tools to help aid in the teaching process. 
In the morning we went to a local school supply store with 400 dollars and purchased; pencils, notebooks, coloring books and crayons, two large white boards and markers, children's story books and translation books, rulers, erasers, sharpeners and of course hula hoops, jump ropes and rubber balls to have some fun with! We also made copies of some simple ESL lesson plans/ activities to help the teachers give quality lessons to the students. ​​​

When we arrived at the school, all the students were sitting on a tarp on the ground singing some songs. The school leader was able to translate to the students to tell them about why we were there and what we brought with us. We handed out coloring books and crayons to all the students and they were more than excited to start coloring but we had more fun planned! We taught the children some relay race games to play with the balls and then they showed us a typical Khmer game they usually play. The afternoon was filled with laughter  and smiles. It was such a great sight to see all the students playing outside with their new equipment as we drove off.

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